For the past 23 years the Muslim community of Belfast has used a house converted to a cultural centre for the purpose of performing prayers, offering Islamic education to our young Muslims, men and women?s study circles, lectures and Islamic events.

Over the last two decades the Muslim population in Belfast and Northern Ireland has increased dramatically to over 8,000 persons. Over 400 worshippers come together for Friday prayers. They are accommodated in the Mosque, office and anywhere else they can find space i.e. hallway, stairs etc?, which is most unsatisfactory both for health and safety reasons and to the growing community.

There is no community facility dedicated to the needs of the local Muslims and the area is sadly lacking in facilities for the elderly, women and our Muslim youth. For us to go forward with this extention is essential to the continued education of young Muslims, help maintain Islamic values and give a better understanding of our religion to integrate better with the local community. 

We urgently need your help to meet the cost of this extension and refurbishment of our centre.

We would urge the community members or anyone else to contribute whatever they can afford and inshallah Allah will reward you for your sincere donations. Your co-operation is much appreciated. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY.

Our aim is to propagate Islam and to provide the Muslim community in and around Belfast and Northern Ireland with a range of social, cultural, economic, training and educational activities. We also aim to develop a greater self-confidence through a sense of belonging, to affirm cultural identity and plurality, to renew its enthusiasm for self-reliance, to allow the community to be at one with itself in order to ensure smooth integration and play a greater role in the promotion of good community relations and the advancement of a multi-cultural society.

Donations for Belfast Islamic Centre Extension and Refurbishment.