Quran Translation

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Quran is the word of Almighty Allah. It was revealed in Arabic as mentioned in

Thus We have sent down this Quran in Arabic and explained it fully- in order that they may fear Allah or it may produce a lesson for them. (Quran, 20:113). He has sent down upon you that book in truth - as guidance for people (Quran, 3:2-3).

The Arabic language is a vast language specially the Quranic Arabic; and thus the difficulty of Translating Quran in English or any language is increased many folds when one has to render with any accuracy and precision, the verses of the Quran which are so rich in meaning, full of expression, so vigorous in style and so subtle in their implication.

Some members of the Quran project team in Belfast have for many years been trying to use existing translations to teach groups of Muslim women and children, and found difficulty in doing so because of a mixed ability in the languages of Arabic, English and Urdu. This led inevitably to difficulties for the tutor and students while trying to work together to understand the Quran. The Quran project team then agreed to work on this undertaking to compile easy to understand translations of the Quran put together into one document in English and Urdu which can be used all over the world, although word to word translations are available separately but not combined into one volume.

There are several scholarly translations in English available but they are all in styles which not all readers can appreciate fully. An attempt was thus made here to compile translations in a manner which can be easily understood. A word to word translation of the Arabic is given in Urdu and English underneath each Quranic Arabic word along with full descriptive translations in English and Urdu. The Urdu descriptive (Salees) meaning is given underneath the word to word translations while the English is given in the side column. Many well-known Quranic Arabic words are retained and multiple equivalent words describing the meaning in English are given in brackets.

The Quran was revealed in a style often quoted as the Eternal Present Time. It is thus beyond the scope of most grammar of modern languages.

Those who were involved in this project have been utterly humbled by the opportunity given to them by Allah to take part in this project. It has not only given them an interest in reading but also in understanding the meaning of the Holy Quran.

We particularly thank the following people for their assistance which was all provided on a voluntary basis:

Selection and compilation of English translations

Dr Mazhar Mohammed Khan

Typing of word to word English translation

Mrs Nazneen Raza, Dr Shahid, Dr Saleem Tareen, Dr Saira Tareen, Assad Raza, Frina Sabir, Aminah Amjad, Tasleem Bilal, Gulnaz Amjad, Nabeela Yasin, Ammar Mustafa Lateef, Shaistah Lateef, Abdul Azeem Lateef, Sheema Khan, Reema Khan, Mustafa Zaidi, Noor and Seerat Zaidi,

Proof reading

Mrs Gulnaz Amjad, Dr Jaweed Wali , Dr Mazhar M Khan,

Compilation and layout:- Since this project involved compilation from a number of translations which we wanted to present on page by page for ease of use; it was thus a difficult IT task to work with different sizes of scanned text, images and translations from a number of original sources in order to achieve this objective. You may find when using this document that the word to word translation (in boxes) may not always be wholly underneath the Arabic word, however we attempted in all cases to get as close as possible with the layout limitations to match them directly. Inshallah, we will attempt further and continuous improvement to the layout in the future.

Acknowledgments for this onerous task are due to; Gabrielle Doherty and Mrs A S Khan.

Mrs A S Khan was also the overall project organiser.

This is just a humble effort and for those seeking in depth knowledge it is advised that they should read a range of Tafaseer available in both English and Urdu.

We have taken benefit from the following English, Urdu translations:

Dr Mohsin Khan and Dr M.T. Al-Hilali; Interpretation of the Meanings of Holy Quran.
Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani; The Meaning of the Noble Quran.
Abul Ala Mawdoodi: Meaning of The Quran, English version of the Tafhimul Quran, by Dr Zafar Ishaque Ansari.
Abdullah Yousuf Ali; The meaning of the Holy Quran.
The Quran; A new translation by M.A.S. Abdel Haleem.
The Quran; Saheeh International Translation: The Quran Project.
Abdalhaqq and Aisha Bewley; The Noble Quran; A new rendering of its meaning in English.
Abdul Majid Daryabadi; The Glorious Quran: Text, Translation and Commentary.
Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthal; The Meaning of the Glorious Quran.
Muhammad Asad; The Message of the Quran.
Hafiz Nazar Ahmed; Easy Translation Quran Majeed in Urdu (word to word Urdu translation followed by Urdu Salees descriptive underneath).
(The highlighted translations above extensively reviewed and their translations were often adopted)

We thank and praise Allah for enabling us to complete this undertaking and we seek His forgiveness for any shortcoming in this endeavour. We also kindly request that all the readers of this Quran, remember all the members of the team who have worked on this project in their prayers. We also ask Allah Subhanaho Taala to accept our effort. We also pray for the Peace and Blessings be upon our Prophet and Messenger and his family and his companions.

Wa Qul Rabbi Zidni Ilma [Say: O Lord increase my knowledge (20:114)]

Best wishes, from Quran Project Team