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Belfast Islamic Centre was established in 1978 by a group of Muslims from the local community to provide a focus for all Muslims living in Northern Ireland. The centre operates for the benefit of all Muslims irrespective of their ethnic background, gender, country of origin or age. At present those who use the centre represent 42 nationalities. No-one is absolutely certain about the number of Muslims in Northern Ireland, however it is estimated that there are over 10,000 currently resident in the province.

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Visit My Mosque Day

Dear All, You are welcome to share with us an open day in Belfast Islamic Centre
Free refreshments
Guided tours on request
Q&A session
& moreā€¦!
No prior booking nec

A visit to Syrian Family

Belfast Islamic Centre in co-operation with Rev Minister Lesley Carrol arranged a special visit for our brother and sisters from Syrian who are new to Belfast. This visit was arranged to deliver a ha

Quranic Verse and Hadith of the day

Verse from Quran on the need of dialogue

Say, "O People (of) the Book! Come to a word equitable between us and between you - that not we worship except Allah, and not we associate partners with Him - anything and not take some of us (to) others (as) lords besides Allah." Then if they turn away, then say, "Bear witness that we (are) Muslims."

The Glorious Quran, Chapter 3, Verse 64.

Hadith on importance of knowledge

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim...

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Friday Khutbah